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Adding the SSAI Holiday Calendar to Thunderbird with the Lightning plugin PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 31 December 2008 15:01


Both the Mozilla Sunbird and Thunderbird with the Lightning Plugin allow you to display (layer) multiple calendars in one interface. The SSAI Holiday Calendar can be displayed directly from the network if you have network connectivity.

Quick Configuration Details

Network or Local
iCalendar (ICS)

Detailed instructions for configuring a network calendar in Thunderbird with the Lightning Plugin

  1.  Select "New Calendar" from the Calendar menu.
  2. Select "On the network" and click the Next button.
  3. Enter the following information and select click the Next button:
    • Format: iCalendar
    • Location:
  4. Enter a name for the calendar. Select a color and associate the calendar with an e-mail account.Click the Next button.
  5. Click the Finish button
  6. When prompted, enter your SSAI Mail Server username (firstname_lastname) and password.

Importing the SSAI Holiday calendar into a local Thunderbird+Lightning Calendar

If you typically use Thunderbird without dedicated network access, you can download the network calendar and import it into a local calendar in Thunderbird. This has a fundamental drawback as the calendar will need to be reloaded every year as the new holidays are released.

  1. open a web browser and navigate to the following URL:
    • You should be prompted for login information. Enter your mail server username and password.
    • If you are not prompted for a login, you can enter the following URL
    • where firstname_lastnmae is your SSAI mail server username and you password follows, spearated by a colon symbol. (This will not work if your password includes a colon symbol.)
  2. Save the calendar to a location on your hard drive.
  3. In Thunderbird, create a new local calendar named "SSAI Holiday".
  4. Select the new local calendar. Select File->Import Calendar.
  5. Select the downloaded calendar file where you saved it (It should be named SSAI-Holiday.ics by default.)
  6. Select the local calendar that you just created to import the holiday calendar into.
  7. The calendar should now display in your calendar display.

Additional Information

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